Carte Blanche Wines@Xtelle85 @WineCarBoot @wine_philosophy @gushunter looking forward to giving those vines a new kind of haircut. Ehem. 0
Carte Blanche WinesVery pleased to see the great work Pete Schell is doing at Spinifex recognised by @Decanter in this months Aussie GDM tasting. 2012 Esprit 1
Carte Blanche Wines@bittenwritten @ellorylondon glad it was behaving! I'll be there soon Jack... 0
Carte Blanche Wines@felinfachgriff @LovetheAngel @WrightsFood @The_Hardwick @_StephenTerry_ @lokiwine thank you all for coming too. Was a smashing day. 0
Carte Blanche Wines@WinemakersClub which ones? 0
Carte Blanche Wines@gregsherwoodmw @chris_kissack @HandfordWines @Xtelle85 yes. To all of that! 0
Carte Blanche Wines@Xtelle85 yes, and I am on a social media black out so I am now off to bed. Great article in the telegraph today BTW @PlanetVictoria 0
Carte Blanche Wines@Xtelle85 dedicated. Is anyone else on Twitter at this time on a Saturday? 0
Carte Blanche Wines@Xtelle85 what are you doing social mediaring at this time? 0

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