Carte Blanche WinesBeautiful, authentic wines @pietrobeconcini Tosacana. Gentle extraction. No new oak, balanced acidity local grapes.
Carte Blanche Wines@jacklondonclay @GoodeandWright1 thanks to you too buddy, let's meet for a bite there soon!ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche WinesRT @jacklondonclay: @cbwines look at all these tasty goodies @GoodeandWright1 thanks Ben!
Carte Blanche Wines@vaulttastings we will have 2 wines from l'ecu including Mephisto 2013. Any thoughts on the other cuvee?
Carte Blanche Wines@legslonglength maybe not, but it is similar to the roof lining of the coach that used to carry me to school.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@legslonglength that's wall paper.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@legslonglength drinking this
Carte Blanche Wines2005 Albarino from Forjas del Salnes @vaulttastings 16 March.
Carte Blanche Wines@legslonglength @drdickdixon you are cheating on Twitter.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Winesburgundy tomorrow to visit a producer who, for the first time in ages, got my blood pumping. More tomorrow...ReplyRetweet

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