Carte Blanche WinesRT @Caviste: Wait...2 open tastings tomorrow evening, in Winchester and Odiham. Well, no excuse not to join us then.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@thewinebutleruk @RedWingShoes @Filson Nice wine choice. Nice Shoe choice. Nice Bag Choice.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@cbwines I think these look quite good in @RestaurantMoro but will they make the cut..ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@VinaLupa @RestaurantMoro GReat to taste with you today, hope you enjoy the leftovers...ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche WinesRT @danigongoozler: Juicy Cabernet Franc from Ontario
Carte Blanche WinesRT @danigongoozler: Simply pleasure...
Carte Blanche Wines@wine_philosophy @danigongoozler juuuiiiiiccceeeeeeee!ReplyRetweet

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