Carte Blanche WinesTebay services still never ceases to amaze me.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@ruth_ford thats simply unrealistic.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@salutwines looking good guys, have a great opening and see you very soon...ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@WinemakersClub good time John and Emily. If i wasn't of on my hols that could have been me! hope all is well, and see you v soonReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche WinesGreat article on Galicia and @dominiodobibei by @PlanetVictoria @WadebridgeWines @fieldandfawcett @caviste 2010 Lalama IS in! Mags too..ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@WinemakersClub @theatreofwine @tuttowines @HowardRipleyLtd I left the cash behind the till. £19 i think.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@WinemakersClub @theatreofwine @tuttowines @HowardRipleyLtd i thought you were open-its a wine bar innit?!ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@red_wine_baron @vino_freakism wow, that is a reare and wonderful beast. 2011s the flavour behaviour now. tastyReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@Winerackd @Carfestevent @jollyolly yes it is, Ill be in Wales! But please come down to @Caviste for some good times wine guzzling...ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche WinesRT @jecfranklin: The two stars of today #aussieshiraz & #rhone at their best

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