Carte Blanche WinesRT @5oclockapron: @grapegrind here's that link I mentioned Darren Matt & I cooking with wine to match from @cbwines 1
Carte Blanche WinesRT @5oclockapron: Matt and I are both cooking on 20th Oct to @cbwines. Book, it will be good @spikeislandcafe food… 2
Carte Blanche WinesRT @gregsherwoodmw: Just say'in... 😇 Saffer kit ain't half bad Bru... 7
Carte Blanche WinesLeaving Edinburgh... and the heady smell of 60 schillings in the making... looking forward to @AbergavennyFF supper tonight. 0
Carte Blanche Wines@jymbudd @Xtelle85 @lefaydhomme Just one of the many ways to enjoy Muscadet... OLB @legslonglength @vinnaturo 1
Carte Blanche WinesRT @jymbudd: Vincent Caillé transferring Muscadet without using a pump. @Xtelle85, @cbwines @lefaydhomme 2
Carte Blanche WinesThese will be in the UK soon. Made by Sergio Garcia at Lagravera with care for both nature and finesse whilst being… 1
Carte Blanche WinesSo it's off now on a trip to visit some of the great names of Scottish gastronomy with @SimonLloydHenri. Really rather excited. 0
Carte Blanche WinesNew faces and Autumn events - 1

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