Carte Blanche Wines@HarperWellsShop @HarperWells How is it tasting Ed? LOvely vintage the '13.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines2009 Phelan Segur is a good wine that after 5-6 years is going to be complete, resolved and excellent.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche WinesA terinble shot of some epic wines at Lyles last night.
Carte Blanche WinesLoire.
Carte Blanche Wines@wine_philosophy @WineCarBoot @WinemakersClub sweet! But also dry.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche WinesDoes anyone disagree that I want an Alien for Christmas is in top 5 Xmas songs?ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche WinesSeems like a good day to head into town... See what happens.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche WinesGreat article and tasting in this months @Decanter (ehem) and some lovely Galician numbers in top wines of the year. And a nice Pinot etc...ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@EmilyScottHK @sttudyinn good luck Emily, can't wait to visit soon.ReplyRetweet

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