Carte Blanche WinesFirst taste of Patrick Piuze 2013 Fye. It's very good.
Carte Blanche WinesRT @Winerackd: This for a balmy evening. Fabulous stuff.
Carte Blanche Wines@Caviste @Winerackd @ClarkFoyster @jasondmillar @BBCFoodandDrink and me. And I pay got the BBC to promote the competition! as do you.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche WinesPatrick Piuze Petit Chablis tonight. He is a very very good wine maker. 2013's arrive on Friday.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@wine_philosophy @AnneEJones First song for band camp, for Anne to sing, Cardigan for what its worth... Can we?ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@winematcher @guardian we agree! @Xtelle85 Vincent Caille wines now here...
Carte Blanche Wines@Xtelle85 @Winerackd yes and yesReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche Wines@Winerackd guilty as charged! @Xtelle85 this is a nice un.ReplyRetweet
Carte Blanche WinesThis is particularly amazing, but can you guess where it might be from?
Carte Blanche WinesHave we moved on from the 'natural' wine debate yet? Is it safe to come out?ReplyRetweet

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