Yarra Yering

Yarra Valley

Dr Baily Carrodus is something of a legend in Australian wine circles, mainly for his obvious pioneering character and intense dedication to his wines. He had a doctorate from Oxford, a degree in both Botany and Winemaking and a fierce independence allied to a passion for food and wine. He set about re-evaluating the soils and aspects of the Yarra Valley, which had previously been left derelict by changing tastes and heightened wool prices, with a view to creating a new winery, and he was captivated by the grey loam and gravel he found, perfect , he thought, for his kind of wine. So he planted the original 20 acres in 1969, and produced Red Wine no’s 1 and 2, for which he become duly famous. His was a taste for lighter, naturally acidic wines with perfume, freshness and balance, but above all concentration. Even now, with 70 acres, , under vine, still unirrigated, planted around the Warramate Hills, YY wines still bear the hallmarks that Dr Baily Carrodus instilled all those years ago.

The wines are produced in custom made wooden vats and aged in small French barrels, all fruit is hand harvested with intense selection and, as a result of a particular pruning technique developed by Dr Carrrodus, yields are low, at 1-2 tons per acre. Dry Red 1 is a claret style, whilst Dry Red 2 is more Rhone like in origin. Underhill Shiraz is a wine produced from one block planted in 1974 that has a certain character that marks it out as a singleton. The Pinot Noir simply quietly opens in the glass, taking its time to fully compose, and when it dies it stand among the finest examples of this variety in the world.

Sadly Dr Carrodus died in September 2008, however he had the good foresight, and perhaps fortune, to take under his wing a true heir to his domaine in Paul Bridgman. Paul was born in 1969 in the Yarra Valley and has worked at most of the finest estates, completing 14 harvests prior to Joining YY. He has also worked in Washington, Gascony, Kings valley and most interestingly from a style point of view, worked closely with J-L Chave. He is a maverick and a wild card who likes to rock and roll, and under his leadership the winery goes from strength to strength.

Currently Available:

  • 2011 Chardonnay
  • 2011 Pinot Noir
  • 2007 Dry Red no 2
  • 2007 Underhill Shiraz
  • 2005 Dry Red no 1