Region: Catalonia

Founded by Josep Maria Pujol-Busquets in the early 1990’s, Alta Alella is located in the region just to the north of Barcelona and was planted not only to revitalise the region, but to also prove the terroir was special. The vineyards are planted to indigenous varieties found in the region and produced in both traditional styles and some that are more familiar to the modern wine lover. Suffice to say the dedication to the quality of fruit produced meant that organic viticulture and a hands-off approach to wine making was the order of the day. The wines have a clarity that not only acts as a portal into the soil, but proves Josep correct, this is a special vineyard. The soil here is Saulo, an acidic sandy soil low in organic matter and thus requires thoughtful siting of vineyards. The whites are north facing and where acidity and freshness make for good sparkling wines and still wines. The reds and sweet wine vineyards are southerly in aspect but harvest at what might be called the opening of the ripeness window. Extraction is kept to a minimum and small cuvees, eggs and barrels allow individual parcels to be fermented separately and raised in accordance to the vintage. The Cavas are delicious, with Maller and Bruant being tow of the finest single varietal wines we have tasted (Macabeu and Pansa Blanca). PB (Pansa Blanca) and GX (Garnacha) are two delicious unpretentious wines that exude charm and sophistication, made to drink young and quench thirsts. Cau d’en Genis is a delicious Egg aged Pansa Blanca that has energy and depth, but is as pure spring water and opens up like a flower given time. Finally Merla is a Monastrell that, given the lightness of touch and very short elevage prior to bottling without SO2. It is vibrant and fresh with scents of the black fruit and liquorice Monastrell is renowned for.
2016 Bruant Pansa Blanca Cava 6
2016 Capsigrany Cava 6
2017 Tallarol Pansa Blanca 6
2017 Merla Monastrell 6
2017 Gafaro Ice Wine PB 37.5cl 6
2017 Puput Mataro Fortified 37.5cl 6
2018 PB Blanco 6
2017 Cau d’en Genis Pansa Blanca 6
2017 GX Tinto 6