Region: Navarra

Pedro Leunda and Jon Aseginolaza are two locals to San Sebastien who have been firm friends since childhood. Both are infused with the gastronomic traditions of their home town and although one is a biologist and the other is an architect, it was only a matter of time that their paths would lead them to the vineyard. Pamplona is now their home town, and through a circuitous route, their first vineyard, Santa Zita, a tiny plot of old vine Garnacha with a tiny little ‘finca’ that lies on the southern edge of San Martin de Unx, came into their hands in 2016. Since then a total of 10 ‘vineyards’ across less than 4 hectares is now under their tenure-ship, with one or two more in their sites.


Their love of wine is infectious. They cite all the great names of the modern Spanish cannon as references and friends, (Laura Lorenzo is a trusted advisor) and the wines they make represent the style of wine they love. What is so striking is that comparisons to burgundy seem to litter the tasting notes, from the elegance of their ‘pinot-esque’ wines, to the very defined differences in terroir, micro cuvees (Otsaka is just 375 litres) and sheer drinkability.


The vineyards are scattered across the north western area of Navarra, and are tended, pruned, hoed and harvested by hand by Pedro. Jon is winemaker and due to a serendipitous with modernised bodegas in the village, is winemaker. The ferments are 30% whole-bunch, non-crushed and made in inox tanks (500 litres max). After Malo (or not) the wines are finished in old oak selected from the best coopers in France. Ageing is seldom more than 3 months, perhaps 6 for a vintage like 19, but new oak and oxidative wine-making is not the goal here. Currently 5 disinct cuvees of red are ageing, with one new white from La Hoya vineyard, and Cuvee, of which we have 120 bottles allocated to us, is a blend of Otsaka and Torroxa vineyards, which will be single cuvees in 2019. The wines are bottled with low SO2 and no filtration of fining.


2018 Cuvee is a refined, concentrated and detailed wine, light in colour and mouth-wateringy fresh on the palate. The palate is long, infused with red fruits and a very subtle velvet textured tannin profile. We will take on more wines as they become available in the summer.

2018 Cuvee 18 Garnacha VV 6