Pascal Gitton – Sancerre

Pascal Gitton’s vineyards are among the original vineyards of Sancerre below the pretty hilltop town of Sancerre where records suggest monks running from persecution settled and planted vines in the 15th century. To meet Pascal is to understand that here is a man who is so in tune with the vineyards of Sancerre that to produce anything as simple as a ‘Sancerre’ would be impossible. He produces around 25 cuvees in total and all are, in their own right, true to the region, but all are unique too. The main body of his estate is on the plateau below the town of Sancerre in Ménétréol, where the soil is reflective of much of the commune; Portland Chalk (L’Amiral), Clay, Oxfordian Limestone, Flint (Belle Dames, X-Elis), Chalk with iron deposits and lighter clay (vignes du larrey). He also has vineyards in Pouilly Fume where he has Marl and Kimmeridgian Limestone similar to Chablis. His cellar has a vast array of 3000-5000 litre cuves for each cuvee as well as a barrel cellar where he holds a number of demi muid including those made of Hungarian, Croatian and French oak.

Currently Available:


  • 2010 Taureau Coteaux du Giennois
  • 2011 Belles Dames Sancerre
  • 2011 L’Amiral Sancerre
  • 2010 X-Elis Sancerre
  • 2010 Joanne D’Orion Pouilly Fumé
  • 2007 Pommereaux Sancerre Rouge