Mouthes de Bihan – Côtes de Duras

Côtes de Duras

Mouthes le Bihan is a family run estate and is one of those estates that totally defies the laws of the land around it.  Duras is not known for its exciting fresh wines with terroir expression and elegance, yet here this is exactly what is achieved. From 10 hectares of densely planted vines (the norm in the region is 2000 vines per hectare, here it is 5000) they hand harvest both white and red fruit to produce a range of wines from Vin de Soif (Pie Colette) to wines for
ageing (Apprentis). Pie Colette (a play on words as this means to quaff a few glasses) Blanc is a blend of 50% Semillon, 25% Chenin and 25% Sauvignon fermented in stainless steel, the red is Merlot dominant with a touch of Malbec and is as light as a feather. Viellefont Blanc is a more bordelaise style heavy with apricot and rich texture from Semillon and Sauvignon and Les Apprentis is a Bordeaux blend finished in oak barrique. These will change the way you think about Duras for sure.

2013 Pie Colette Blanc
2012 Vieillefont Blanc
2013 Pie Colette Rouge
2011 Vieillefont Rouge
2009 Les Apprentis