Monte Tondo – Soave Classico

The estate of Monte Tondo is located in the heart of the DOCG among the finest ‘cru’ vineyards: Tondo, Tenda and Foscarin. Three generations if winemakers experience lie behind Gino Magnebosco’s skill at interpreting the terroir of the vineyards located in and around the Foscarin vineyard. Here the volcanic soil which defines the very finest examples of Soave Classico is most evident and it is here that the Foscarin Slavinus is produced. It is a late harvest but dry example, is powerful, scented on the nose but surprisingly fresh and elegant on the palate, while Cassette Foscarin, produced on more clacerous rich soil, is a more typical style, laced with fresh pineapple, almond kernel and pure textured fruit laced with vital acidity on the palate, a result if the addition if a touch if Trebbiano. Both Mito Soave and the Monte Tondo Soave Classico express the classic characters of both the region and Garganega with finesse and style, whilst the Pinot Grigio is a foil to the more mass market examples available today. We have also a small amount if Recioto for which the fruit is dried in Fruttai, or air ventilated rooms, and pressed in January following the harvest.


Currently Available:


  • 2012 Pinot Grigio
  • 2012 Soave ‘Mito’
  • 2011 Soave Classico
  • 2010 S. Clas Sup ‘Cassette Foscarin’
  • 2009 S. Clas Sup ‘Slavinus’
  • 2009 Recioto di Soave 50cl