Marc Castan, Fitou

Created in 2009 after Marc left the cooperative and is located in the two communes of La Palme, with large red stones and Leucate with more limestone soils. Marc now works with his grandfather’s vineyards which are mostly pruned to Gobelet and consists of Carignan, Grenache Mouvedrê and Syrah, with Macabeu Carignan Blanc, Grenache Gris and Muscat making up the white varieties. With such a larder to play with, Marc does not hold back on making some fascinating wines, but which are also, when they are required to be, very true to the Fitou AOC. The wines are such good fun and easy to get attached to, so we will start with a few lines and build from there. Trafalgar is a Muscat that is as easy on the nose as it is on the palate. Kezako is a super fun soiffable Carignan fermented using Carbonic Maceration, Whilst Cacahuêtes is as Grenache-dominated fresh and enjoyable Fitou as you will hope to find.