Ludovic Chanson Montlouis

2009 is Ludovic’s first solo vintage and his wines show the precision and purity of an assured hand. We first tasted his wines at Millesime Bio 2011 in Montpellier and they instantly caught our attention amongst the thousands of others on show. He has taken over a small 7 hectare domaine in Montlouis, which has been run organically since 2006. Montlouis is on the south side of the river Loire facing Vouvray on the opposite bank and the wines are similar in style. The domaine focuses on Chenin Blanc and the average age of the vines is 45 years old. Havesting is done by hand, with up to three passes through the vineyard if necessary, to pick the grapes at the required stage of maturity for the desired wine styles. The Chenins are then vinified in 225L and 400L barrels using natural yeasts and without chaptalisation. By respecting nature, the environment, his vineyards and vinfiying as naturally as possible, Ludovic is already making great wines from Montlouis. His demi-sec “Les Pêchers” contains 19 g/L residual sugar and his moelleux “Safran” contains 50 g/L.

Currently available

  • 2011 La Gavroche Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2011 Les Cabotines
  • 2010 Les Pêchers
  • 2010 Safran