Domaine d’Uby – Gascony

Domaine d’Uby is an excellent and innovative domaine in a region dominated by cooperatives, or Armagnac producers that also make some wine as a sideline. At Uby the focus has been on wine production since the 1960’s and it is now run by Francois Morrel, who is in his thirties and the fourth generation to be running the estate. The blend for Domus Blanc is Colombard, with Sauvignon Blanc in support. The combination of Gascony’s cool climate and careful winemaking are evident from the aromatic intensity on the nose, with citrus, freshly cut grass and passionfruit notes. The palate is crisp, light and fresh and benefits from a naturally low alcohol content of 11.5%.  Cazaubon, where the domaine is located, is notable for being one of the last outposts of the European terrapin, which explains the motif on the labels. Domus Rouge is a blend of Tannat and Merlot and is a perfect light-bodied red with low alcohol, ripe fruit and soft, round tannins. The Domus Rosé is a delicious, fruit forward blend of the Cabernets perfect for an aperitif or with summer cuisine.

Currently Available:

  • 2012 Domus Blanc Sauvignon Colombard
  • 2012 Domus Rose Cabernets
  • 2012 Domus Rouge Merlot Tannat