Domaine de L’R – Chinon

Frédéric Sigonneau has spent a good amount of his time working at some of the great, artisan, producers in Europe, including the notable Ribera de Duero producer Dominio d’Atauta. His return to Chinon marks a return to the vineyards he has most passion for and where his heart is, and the first few vintages of his wines have been impressive. We first met Fred at a tasting in Angers when he was asked to join the strangely named ‘Contains Sulphur, mais pas trop!’ tasting group, which consists of a number of bio and natural winemakers who may or may not use sulphur. His wines stood out instantly and as great lovers of this region, we made the call to take him on immediately. Naturally, he had no wine to sell, so here, in the 2011 vintage is the first time we have been able to lay our hands on his wines. He is based in Cravant les Coteaux where the wines are more floral and elegant, and he is converting to biodynamic viticulture. Skull and Cross-bones is made entirely without Sulphur and is a wine for drinking now, after decanting. Not for the faint hearted.

Currently Available:

  • 2011 Canal de Grand Piece
  • 2010 Folies de Noyers Vert