Domaine de la Roche Bleue, Jasnières

Sébastien Cornille produces tiny amounts of wine on handkerchief sized plots in this almost mystical, certainly almost mythical, commune in the Loire valley. Jasnières is a rare and often expensive beast, and rightly so, for when it is good, it can be the finest expression of super taut, sublimely concentrated Chenin Blanc in the Loire. Seb, it probably goes without saying, is one of those producers. Having trained as an agronomist he moved here from Sancerre, via Reunion (yep, he tried to make Chenin Blanc on a volcano) he purchased around 6 hectares of vineyards in Jasnières and Coteaux de Loire, where he produces sublime Pineau d’Aunis and Chenin Blanc. His winery is in Marcon located in old caves above the village and is owned by him and a few friends. His wines are quite grown up, perhaps requiring a little more attention than most other wines on our list, but this is repaid in spades. The wines are epic.

L’Oree de la Berterie 

Jasnières Sec 

La Belle d’Aunis