Domaine de la Graveirette Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Domaine de la Graveirette, to gove it its full title, is owned and run by vigneornne Julien Mus. Julien bought his domiane in 2005 and has since spent a huge amount of time and effort in restoring old vineyards, improving his cellar and returning to ecologically sound pracitces. His is a tiny estate, he barely makes more than 1800 bottles of Chateauneuf, even in a good year, but what he does produce, he does so with care and attention. The vines for the Cotes du Rhone and VdP wines are located in Bedariddes, whilst his plot of Chateauneuf is made up of old vines, 30% Mouvedre, the rest Grenache with a touch of Syrah on the Telegraph plateau, next door to the eponymous domaine’s vineyards.

The 2009 Chateauneuf has now been bottled and released to much acclaim, following the lines fo the fabled 2007 but with an added two years of understanding the vines. This is a blend with more Mouvedre than most, so by rights should be very deep, and although it is, it still has a lightness of touch that makes it drinkable now, moreish even. His 2011 Cotes ud Rhone is 100 Grenache and even for this lighter vintage displays concentration and a wealth of evocative spicy warm aromas. Presage is the first release of his new white Chateeauneuf, although the vines are still too young to warrant this nobel AC. We wait in anticipation for the first release proper in 2018.

Currently available

  • 2011 Mus Blanc
  • 2011 Presage Blanc
  • 2012 Cotes du Rhone Rosé
  • 2011 Cotes du Rhone
  • 2009 Chateauneuf-du-Pape