Buglioni – Valpolicella

Alfredo Buglioni only started making wine in 1993 when he purchased 14 hectares of land in the Valpolicella Classico area in Cariano. He has revitalised the vineyard where only traditional grape varieties are grown, such as Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara, and has deliberately kept the yields low to produce wines of great intensity.

Initially he and his son Mariano used contract winemakers, but finding that their wine tasted similar to all others, they recruited rising star Diego Bertoni straight from University. Together,they have gradually built up the quality of the wines. Their first Amarone, the 2001 vintage and which is produced using the traditional method of air drying the grapes over the winter, won gold when it was shown at Vinitaly; since then, they have also started making a stunning sweet red Recioto della Valpolicella, which is a voluptuous and seductive wine by reflecting the style of both the technique of production and the estate’s commitment to quality.

Currently available

  • 2012 Il Intruso Garganega
  • 2012 Il Valpolicella
  • 2009 Il Ruffiano Valpolicella Superiore
  • 2009 Il Bugliardo Valpolicella Superiore Classico Ripasso
  • 2008 Amarone
  • 2007 Recioto