Bonnet Huteau – Muscadet Sevre et Maine

The wines from the Bonnet Huteau estate are carrying the torch for the renaissance happening in Muscadet at the moment. Organic production, separate wines for each of the different terroirs in the estate and careful ageing on lees make for a fascinating insight into the fresh, mineral wines of this lauded region.

The wines are made by Jean Jacques and Rémi Bonnet, both committed ‘terroirists’, around the commune of Chapelle-Heulin south east of Nantes. The mix of soil includes Gneiss, Micaschistes and Gabbros and Amphibolites as well as granite for the cuvee Les Laures. Wines from Muscadet have the ability to age and there is no doubt that these wines have that capacity, but are equally delicious as young, fresh wines that express terroir with real clarity.

Currently Available:

  • 2012 Chateau la Tarciere Muscadet Sevre et Maines sur lies
  • 2012 Les Laures Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur lies