Bodegas Forjas del Salnés – Riax-Baixas

When we arrived at Rodrigo’s bodega we were immediately whisked off on a tour of his vineyards, many of which are just a stone’s throw from the ocean. The soil in his vineyards is granitic sand, covered with a layer of humus, over granite bedrock. It is very poor, fast draining soil that vines struggle in and phylloxera cannot live in, hence many of the vineyards are deceptively old, up to 200 years! Even his joven Albariño comes from vines with an average age of 40 years. Rodrigo is perhaps best known in Spanish wine circles for his stellar reds produced from the indigenous Galician varietals Caiño, Espadeiro and Loureiro, however his whites are also outstanding. They are fermented with natural yeasts and then matured on lees for months to give complex, full-bodied wines with a fresh acid backbone and a briny tang on the finish.

This year we have a small quantity of the 2010 Cos Pes, a foot trodden Albarino which spends 8 months on skins prior to pressing and settling. It is disconcerting to see this wine in its production stage, but once bottled is displays finesse, concentration and intensity, whilst retaining the essence of the variety. We also have the 2010 Finca Genoveva, which is a Fourdre aged wine recently gaining a spectacular review from Neal Martin whilst writing for the eRobert Parker website.

Currently Available:

  • 2012 Leirnana Albarino
  • 2010 Finca Genoveva Albarino
  • 2010 Cos Pes Albarino
  • 2011 Goliardo
  • 2011 Bastion de la Luna