Adegas do Campo Gacio


Manuel, and dentist, and Remdios, a teacher, do Campo Gacio proved to be very difficult people to track down. They have no website, no public presence and no particular desire to be found. The reasons for this were only discovered once we did actually find them, up a mountain far to the east of the DO in a tiny village called Biobra. There Adegas is a tiny house above the village, which is reached by walking through a village stuck in the 16th century being followed by a lazy dog and a lazier chicken. This is the kind of visit that can go either way, but there is no chance of escape and if the wines were terrible then we would have to endure.

Happily this was not the case, all those tasting were stunned by the wines, a Godello and a Mencia dominant wine blended with a small quantity of Tempranillo, produced organically, and one of the few that do up here, from 2 ha of vines looking over the mountains toward Portugal. The cellar has four small stainless steel tanks and a tiny bottling line. They use a metal basket press to ensure no wood comes into contact with the wine, and do only a very light filtration before bottling. This is pure artisan winemaking at its best, and although we were offered only 3 bottles of white and 480 bottles of red in our first shipment, we are sure that this will become a stalwart name in the CBW portfolio. If we can ever find them again!